MAKE 1500naira on your phone into your bank account

MAKE 1500naira on your phone into your bank account


Have you ever pictured making such amount of money within that period of time?

Sounds too good to be true, right? Oh yes, it's true.

You are going to learn a whole lot of ways to make real money online (one of which I'll be teaching you here and now).

I make real money with this Network and I want to show you how you (like others) can make money from it.

Unlike many fake referral sites, in this Network, the money is mostly made between the invitors and the invitees which is paid DIRECTLY to your bank account.

The website does not take any discount from you UNLESS you want your invitees to pay you through them but if you want to recieve your cash directly to your account, everything (absolutely everything) is yours.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you've ever heard of Netcontacts Nigeria, I can assure you that you've heard of a Network that has made people millionaires in less than three months.
In Netcontacts, you need three things:

1.) A constant Internet presence.

2.) N1500 Activation fee.

3.) An account with Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, 2GO, Eskimi or BBM where you can chat with people.


There is one thing in Netcontacts that generates money for you. It is an ACTIVE invitation code.

Without an ACTIVE invitation code, you can't Register with the Network OR Invite people to do so.

Therefore, for one to make money with Netcontacts, an INVITOR invites an INVITEE using his/her invitation code and as soon as the INVITEE gets into the Network, he/she is given an Invitation Code. This given Invitation Code is INACTIVE, thus, he/she cannot Invite another person into the Network, Participate in other money making programs like advertising and selling for the Network, Meeting other People online and having access to their extremely cheap bulk SMS services.

In other words, his/her Invitation Code must be ACTIVATED for such a person to make money with it.

HOW then can a Code be activated?

Now, this is how the money is made:

The ONLY person who has all power and authority to activate a code is the INVITOR (without the INVITOR, an Invitation Code cannot be ACTIVE), therefore, the INVITEE needs the INVITOR to ACTIVATE his/her code for him/her.

By so doing, the INVITEE then pays the N1500 activation fee to the INVITOR (whose Bank details will be shown to the INVITEE) and THEN sends the Payment details like "Teller Number" to the INVITOR (whose phone number will be shown to the INVITEE). Afterwards, the INVITOR will in turn, ACTIVATE the INVITEE's code.

That's how the money is made.

You CAN'T be an INVITOR unless you have an ACTIVE invitation code, thus,

Invitee + Activation = Invitor.

NOTE: After activation, the Invitee has absolutely nothing to do with the Invitor ever again.

NOW, if I were you, I'd put myself in the INVITOR's shoes and see how much you'd make:

10 People = N1500 X 10 = N15,000 in your account.

100 People = N1500 X 100 = N150,000 in your account.

1000 People = N1500 X 1000 = N1,500,000 in your account.

And if you are the type that has up to or more than 500 Friends on facebook, 2go, e.t.c, getting up to N300,000 (200 People) shouldn't be a problem.

AS SOON as the INVITEE's code is activated, he/she can now Invite others and get paid to activate their codes, advertise or sell for the Network and get extra cash pay sale and get access to their cheap bulk SMS services.

ARE YOU INTERESTED? (If you're not, you are absolutely free to turn back now).


STEP I: Go to netcontacts***.ng (use UC Browser instead of Opera Mini for faster and better access)

STEP II: Locate the box "INVITATION CODE" and type this number: 5531095158 (Only an active code can get you inside the network, thus, type this number correctly).

ALTERNATIVE: Just incase STEPS I & II are difficult, you can
URL are Strictly not allowed Here :tongueup! CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT ACCESS instead

STEP III: Activate your membership.

STEP IV: Get others to do this and make money from it.

I Repeat, if you don't make up to N300,000 in three months from this thing, it is either you are unserious or the the LAZIEST PERSON ON THE PLANET

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